The OC1 is a unique loudspeaker, handcrafted with upcycled concrete in the Netherlands. The concrete enclosure in combination with the omnidirectional technique creates a crystal clear and comfortable hi-fi experience.

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we believe

YKMA design believes in delivering iconic & unique products. We desire to create a strong bond between our product and you, by designing for longevity and by producing by hand locally. Each product we make, is sourced from Dutch recycled material content, and is combined with long-lasting and recyclable materials. 

crystal clear concrete acoustics

The OC1 originates from the idea of using the ideal enclosure material for loudspeakers: concrete. This may seem counterintuitive, but due to the material’s stiffness and mass, vibration and resonance is minimized. This ensures only the air carries the energy of the soundwaves, which in turn leads to no loss in energy and no distortion, resulting in very clear acoustics.

we are

Mark Loopstra and Damiaen Hogervorst. Together we share a great passion for industrial design & audio. We strive to bring products into this world which are personal and made to last.

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Would you like to be one of the very first to receive the YKMA OC1 loudspeakers? Sign up for the pre-order of the second series and we will craft it for you. The first orders will get shipped in May 2020. We request a deposit payment of €250 per piece, the remaining amount is paid upon arrival of your order. Please fill in your details down below and we will get in touch with you for the confirmation.

€1090,- per speaker*

Limited to 20 pieces
Offer is valid until 25th of December 2019

*Including shipping to addresses within the Netherlands. International shipping rates depend on your country of residence and will cost extra. Please inform for exact rates.

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