The OC1 combines a unique appearance with great hi-fi functionality and conscious design-making. All produced by hand in the Netherlands.

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room-filling omnidirectional stereo sound

The single source full-range driver is positioned horizontally, which causes the soundwaves to directly reflect onto the concrete soundwave diffuser on top. The sound is equally divided towards every direction (= omnidirectional), which gives you the opportunity to position the speakers anywhere, in any room and enjoy a comfortable sound experience.


The OC1 is made with copper, to add some warm contrast to the cold and raw concrete. The transparent acrylic enclosure on the bottom gives a subtle lightness to the mass of the concrete.

The 8 inch full-range driver ensures all audible frequencies can be produced, all from a single source. This minimizes distortion, for extra clean acoustics. On top of that, the simplicity of the setup minimizes environmental impact, by eliminating the presence of otherwise necessary electronic components.

The concrete enclosure is made from 80% recycled content, from Dutch sources. It is reinforced with a small amount of glass fibers, for extra strength and durability. 


YKMA design believes in delivering iconic & unique products. We desire to create a strong bond between what we make and who gets to use it, by designing for longevity and by producing locally. Each product we make, comes from Dutch recycled material content. The concrete waste streams usually end up being downcycled as sub-bases for roads for example, but we believe in the upcycling of this timeless material. We strive for delivering long-lasting functionality, while closing the circle of materials.


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€1090,- per speaker*

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